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We begin with a review of what you have already achieved, what you are currently working on, and your plans for the future. We analyze everything and meet to discuss how you can best protect your rights and business interests. A few days later, you will receive a detailed written summary of topics we discussed in your meeting. It will conclude with a list of actions you can take on your own or with our assistance to get your business and legal issues in order.

We offer a variety of contract services for our music law clients.

Drafting - Assisting you with identifying the types of contracts that you will be needing for your business and creating them for your use.

Analyzing - Whether you are just receiving a contract offer or reviewing a contract you signed years ago, we can help by providing a thorough review of the contract and a plain language explanation of the contract terms so that you will understand each parties responsibilities.

Negotiating - In most cases, the contract the other party is offering favors them more than you. We can help by advising you on your options and negotiating on your behalf to develop an agreement that suits everyone.

We offer a variety of services to assist you with understanding what your rights are and how to best protect them.